Thanks Worcester!

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I'm travelling back from speaking at the Worcester Literary Festival.

It was a long way to go and the audience was somewhat smaller than the thousand or more I spoke to in Blackpool last week - but they were an exciting lot! When I saw that I was scheduled from 1pm to 3pm I thought there was some mistake - surely we weren't doing two hours.

Actually I was wrong - they let me go at 3.30!

I really enjoyed the chance to discuss a wide range of issues from the tax gap, tax havens, country-by-country reporting, economics and all that's wrong with it, why the government's thinking on the deficit is so wrong, why the left has lost courage, Quakers and business and much, much more.

I really enjoyed myself and the vast majority of the audience who stayed to the end semd to do so as well.

Now for the tour.....

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