This blog is written and managed by Richard Murphy on behalf of Tax Research LLP.

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Appointments and sources of funding

My formal appointments and related funding are as follows:

  • I am part-time Professor of Accounting at Sheffield University Management School. The appointment is for a day a week starting in September 2021. I had previously been a visiting professor at Sheffield University Management School.
  • I am a visiting professor at Anglia Ruskin University Global Sustainability Institute. This position is not salaried.
  • Through the Corporate Accountability Network, of which I am a director, I am engaged on the Time Mirror research project into the feasibility of sustainable cost accounting at Copenhagen Business School. This project runs for four years, commencing July 2021. The contract is worth approximately £17,000 per annum, not all of which will results in salary payment.
  • Through the Corporate Accountability Network (which is a not for profit entity) I have been engaged on a project funded by a Luminate Group grant to work on issues related to audit reform. This grant is for £31,000 and covers the period from October 2020 until March 2022. Not all will result in salary payment as other costs and overheads are also covered out of the grant.
  • Finance for the Future LLP, of which Colin Hines and I are the members, was in July 2021 awarded two grants worth approximately £23,000 a year for three years to work on issues primarily related to the funding of the Green New Deal. The larger of these is for £50,000 a year and is from the Polden Puckham Charitable Trust. After the deduction of project costs I will benefit from half the net income from this grant.
  • I direct Tax Research LLP, which is a partnership with Dr Jaqueline Murphy. The main income of the partnership is donations made to fund the work undertaken on the Tax Research UK blog. Those donations to about £10,000 a year at present, but this sum varies, of course. The donations cover all IT costs and video production costs for the blog, plus the cost of eBook production. The remaining funds are then mine to enjoy.
  • I undertake consultancy work on an ad hoc basis for other organisations through Tax Research LLP, and I also receive occasional appearance fees from media companies, which are usually modest. I am paid approximately £360 a month for writing articles for the National newspaper in Scotland: these are accounted for by Tax Research LLP.
  • I am company secretary of the Green New Deal Group Limited, for which I am paid an annual salary of £500.
  • Although I retain a practicing certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountant in England and Wales my fee income as a chartered accountant is now virtually non-existent and only covers the costs of maintaining my registration, and there are no plans that it should increase.
  • Any other appointments I have are not remunerated.

Tax Research LLPs most recent accounts are available here. We choose to file much more information on public record than is required by law.