This blog is written and managed by Richard Murphy on behalf of Tax Research LLP.

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Sources of funding

Latest information on my funding is available here.

My formal appointments are:

  •  I am a visiting professor in accounting at Sheffield University Management School. I am a visiting professor in international political economy at City, University of London. And I am a visiting professor at Anglia Ruskin University Global Sustainability Institute. None of these positions is paid, although a small consultancy contract is linked to the position at City, University of London. I retain close working relationships with Copenhagen Business School.
  • I am an adviser to the Fair Tax Mark, of which I was previously a director. I am providing advice on its client accreditations, its plans to produce an international Fair Tax standard, and other related issues, including corporate tax research.
  • I am company secretary of the Green New Deal Group Limited, for which I am paid an annual salary of £500.
  • Finance for the Future LLP, of which I am a member, undertakes occasional consulting with regard to Green New Deal related issues, although most work is undertaken by Colin Hines.
  • I am a director of Corporate Accountability Network Limited, which is a not for profit company undertaking research on accounting reform, most especially with regard to sustainable cost accounting, productivity-related issues, and audit-related matters, although with a developing interest in small business accounting. This is a salaried appointment, with payment dependent upon the funding that the Corporate Accountability Network generates for work that I might undertake. The Corporate Accountability Network currently has, or has had recently, the following funding:

a) Joffe Trust, core funding for a period to April 2021, £15,000;

b) Productivity Insight Network stage 2 grant working on measuring labour productivity and financial resilience, £35,000 until early 2021, including disbursement costs.

c) Luminate Group grant tom work on issues related to audit reform, £31,000 until March 2022.

I am paid from these grants, but do not enjoy all the income from them.

  • I undertake consultancy work on an ad hoc basis for other organisations through Tax Research LLP, the most regular being Pensions and Investments Research Consultants, the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum and various NGOs, and receive occasional appearance fees from media companies, which are usually modest. Tax Reserach LLP also has a grant of £7,500 to work on Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) from the Joffe Trust.
  • Although I retain a practicing certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountant in England and Wales my fee income as a chartered accountant is now virtually non-existent and only covers the costs of maintaining my registration, and there are no plans that it should increase.