Advanced Searching techniques

The search function within this blog is designed to provide as close as possible an answer to whatever is being asked of it. However, this is only possible if some key terms that need to be used to enhance searching are understood. The keys ones are as follows:

Double quotes

" " Putting double quotes around a phrase means the search looks for those words as a phrase. This means you will get answers to the term that you are seeking to search and not to each word within it.


- Putting a hyphen immediately before a word excludes any results with that word in it from the search results. So for example if you wanted to search for tax havens but wanted to exclude all references to Jersey you could search "Tax havens" -Jersey and get the result you wanted.


* A star is a wilcard that can be added at the end of a word e.g. neo* would return pages with neoliberal and neoclassical

You can use these techniques on any search form on this site. They will improve your results.