Note to the SNP: You said this, now act as if your believe it by abandoning your commitment to the pound

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The SNP led Scottish government has said in a document on ending lockdown today that:

The austerity driven response to the 2008 financial crash did not work and worsened the inequality that was part of its cause; we must not repeat those mistakes. Inequality is also worsening the outcomes for those people impacted by the coronavirus. Our younger people deserve a fairer and more secure economic future.

That is true, of course. But the SNP leadership's commitment to independence and continuing to use the pound after it had happened would guarantee austerity in Scotland for decades after that 'in name only' independence had been achieved, and all to no avail.

If the SNP really believes austerity cannot work it has to firstly commit to independence, secondly commit to abandoning the pound, and thirdly say so.