The UK’s suffering from coronavirus will have been exacerbated by choice – and our government will be to blame for that

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The scale of the mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis in both the UK and USA is now becoming very apparent. John Burns-Murdoch is easily the most reliable source of data on this issue now, charting it regularly and with clear explanations supplied. These are his latest charts:

As he says, what is notable about the first chart is that everyone else is succeeding in curtailing covid-19 now. We are not.

If the UK current trajectory continues - and as we run out of medical facilities that is a reasonable assumption for the next week or more - then deaths of more than 10,000 a day are likely in little more than a week if the rate of growth seen yesterday continues.

The truly horrific scale of this crisis has yet to emerge, and because of the attitude the UK and USA have taken towards it the chance that we will eventually suffer the most seems high. And that will not be by chance. That will be by choice.