The new overarching narrative of left of centre politics needs to be ‘Jobs in every constituency’

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I suggested earlier this week that it would be wise to consider now what five policies the progressive parties should prioritise to prepare for an election in 2024.

I suggested five because no more can be communicated.

And because focus is essential.

I have posted some feedback.

What I have not done is offer comment myself.  That was deliberate. I do not think this an overnight thing. I intend to spend time thinking about it. That said let me offer an over-arching narrative.

Over-arching narratives are essential. They are what is said time after time. 'Get Brexit done'. 'Strong and stable'. You know the thing.

Often, as with those two, these over-arching messages are meaningless. The left cannot afford such luxuries. There is too much to do and no time to waste on platitudes.

My suggestion for the over-arching narrative is straightforward. It is 'Jobs in every constituency'.

I readily admit that this is a Green New Deal theme, much promoted by Colin Hines and myself, in particular. But it is powerful.

It is about labour i.e. jobs.

It is about local. And this matters.

It is about national - 'every' necessarily means the whole country.

And it is about joining up the local to the national, which also matters.

The link is the Green New Deal.

I'll explore this more in coming blogs. But as an idea this is where I am going, I think.

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