Doctors vote for industrial action for first time in 36 years

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As the Guardian reports:

Doctors have voted overwhelmingly to ballot the profession on industrial action to protest against the coalition's plans to overhaul the NHS pension scheme.

Delegates at the British Medical Association's annual conference in Cardiff voted by 87% to 13% in favour of a motion that will see the union seek the views of its 140,000 members about "all forms of industrial action".

The vote means the first industrial action by doctors since 1975 is now a very real possibility, given that ministers show no sign of backing down in their determination to push through major changes to NHS staff pensions.

Utterly reasonable people have as a result made clear they do not trust this government or its motives.

Quite right too.

They don't trust it on NHS reforms.

They don't trsut it on privatisation.

They don't trsut it to protect patients and services.

And they don't trust it on pensions.

I look forward to supporting my wife on the picket line as she's a GP.

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