50% of people think they’ll be paying for NHS services soon

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The AXA poll referred to in the Guardian this morning is revealing. Amongst the information it discloses is:

More than half of those polled said they expected to have to pay for treatments on the NHS within the next three years, with only one in five consumers confident that the coalition's original health plans would make the NHS better.

I am quite sure that people are absolutely right to have these concerns: when the Conservatives are intent on privatising the NHS whilst blatantly lying about the fact,people are right to think that the service they will get will be much worse than that which they have enjoyed to date.

Of course people will in that circumstance think about paying for services that the NHS previously supplied. That is the sole intent of Andrew Lansley's reforms. His one and only aim is to promote private healthcare and the profit to be made from it in the United Kingdom.  Everything else, including the well-being of the people of this country, the welfare of the people who work in the NHS, our tradition of community care and the compassion that the NHS has shown over generations to the people of this country is irrelevant to him.

No wonder people don't trust him.

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