Number 10 rattled, so now they’re calling in the IMF

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From the First Post Daily:

Tory bloggers, tweeters and old-fashioned news print columns today swallowed the line put out by Downing Street yesterday that the economists who attacked the Osborne strategy in yesterday's Observer are just a bunch of Brownites.

Yes, that's the best counter argument they could come up with yesterday.

Today though it's likely they'll have another one:  the IMF is going to say that George Osborne is doing the right thing.  Of course they will. The IMF always supports policies of:

a)  cutting government spending

b)  privatising everything possible

c)  outsourcing

d)  cutting welfare benefits

e)  reducing taxes on business

f)  increasing VAT

g)  increasing charges for previously freely available public services

h)  reducing health,  education  and other essential public services

And the outcome  of this mantra, often imposed on developing countries as a consequence of IMF loans?  It's always an economic disaster:  the fact that the developing world has not made little or no progress in the last 30 years is almost entirely the fault of the IMF imposing such absurdly inappropriate policies on  so many poor states.

Osborne is copying the mantra, and he will deliver the same outcome, with IMF endorsement:  we too will see a complete collapse in our well-being, prosperity, and prospects.  But that is, you must remember, the IMF criteria of success.  After all, all that matters is that the rich get richer, and that has happened  as a result of these policies.

The IMF do not care about anyone but the rich, and nor does George Osborne.

Remember that when he trumpets his so-called success.

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