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When a couple of months or so ago I first mentioned Wikio had listed this blog as #1 economics blog in the UK I thought it was a bit of fleeting fun.

Three months later they tell me I'm still there.

I'd make comparison to Adele if only she hadn't come out against paying tax (silly girl: how to alienate people who might buy your albums and encourage free-riding down loaders in one easy lesson).

Anyway, here's the list for May:

1 Tax Research UK
2 Tim Worstall
3 The Adam Smith Institute Blog
4 Money: Money blog |
5 BBC NEWS | Stephanomics
6 Duncan's Economic Blog
7 Business: Market Forces blog |
8 British politics and policy at LSE
9 A Fistful of Euros
10 malcolm coles
11 Golem XIV - Thoughts
12 Jonathan Farrington's Blog
13 This is Money Blog
14 Finance » Edmund Conway
15 Roving Bandit
16 BBC NEWS | Douglas Fraser's blog
17 Joanne Dewberry
18 David Smith's
19 Banking Times: Daily Banking News
20 Eurointelligence

Ranking made by Wikio

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