Tiem for forgiveness?

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Havens take the heat off leaders - Accountancy Age.

Accountancy Age asks:

Tax havens are unlikely candidates for public sympathy, but are some being treated unfairly in the global crusade against tax avoidance?


So, while politicians continue their campaign of weeding out blatant tax evasion and directing attention away from themselves, surely credit is due in acknowledging that some progress, albeit small, is better than none at all?

No it isn't.

I'm all for forgiveness when their is genuine remorse.

There isn't. So no credit is due.

And right now I'll tell you - many of these places are still game playing. Wait for news of a rash of meaningless Tax Information Exchange Agreements many are working on right now which will hit the press soon. Then you'll see what their contempt for 'compliance'.

And the backlash will hit them hard.

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