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I don’t normally advertise Adam Smith Institute events. But there’s always time for an exception. So, I’d suggest you attend ‘An Evening Seminar with Graham Brady MP’ on 4th November.

Why? Because they’re talking tax havens and his guest is my old flat tax sparring partner, Richard Teather. As Adam lent at the TUC says:

I have no idea what Graham Brady thinks of tax havens - he may be very progressive.  But Richard Teather’s unreconstructed views are well known.  You can read Richard Murphy ripping his analysis apart here.

As for Brady, I think Adam is being generous. Why did he appear Gibraltar’ National Day events? And although he said in April:

The whole House supports greater transparency in offshore financial centres, but will the Chancellor confirm that the British publicly owned banks will remain free to set their own policies in relation to tax, within the law, or will he seek to direct their decisions?

I smell in their all the ‘constructive non-compliance’ which so characterises current attitudes amongst tax haven apologists

Book your seats at events@adamsmith.org .

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