The Tory Treasurers: a hedge fund manager and a Monaco boy

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The Tories have appointed a new joint Treasurer of the party. As the Independent reports:

Peter Cruddas, the latest multimillionaire to take on the role of co-treasurer of the Conservative Party.

Mr Cruddas ... lived for several years in a tax haven favoured by the super-rich. He was one of the City's "Monaco boys", living in an apartment on the Avenue de Spélugues near Monte Carlo's famous casino. From there, it took him only an hour and 40 minutes to commute to work via London's City airport.

In other words he was a tax avoider.

Which sits terribly well alongside his co-Treasurer; again from the Independent:

He will now share the task of fundraising for the Conservative Party with his fellow co-treasurer, Lord Fink, the so-called "father" of the British hedge fund industry.

And this from the party that wants to stop unions paying the Labour party when their members have to democratically decide to do so.

The corruption in thinking at the core of the Tory party machine is laid bare, yet again.

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