Congratulations to the OECD on a job well done – and can we now move on to the next goals for tax justice?

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I have sent the letter that follows to Pascal St Amans, head of tax at the OECD, this morning.

The signatories were all involved in setting up the Tax Justice Network. We remain critical friends of the OECD.

We all recognise the courage, skill, determination and sheer effort required to conclude a global tax deal of the sort that the OECD has just put in place. We want to publicly recognise this, and offer our congratulations, and so thanks.

Of course we have our reservations about that deal. We note them, but we are also confident that the OECD will have those reservations as well. No one could pretend this was a perfect deal even though it was a big step forward for tax justice. The work to make the next step forward has to begin now.

However, the most important part of our letter is the suggestion that it is also time for discussion on tax justice to move on. The headlines now need to be on issues other than corporation tax. There are, quite simply, bigger matters to address. I mention two I am working on in footnotes. We also think tax, Covid and, even more important, climate change should get a look in now.

There is only one agency in the world capable for the foreseeable future of delivering the changes that are needed so that tax might help shape society in the best interests of all in the world. That is the OECD. Those who created the tax justice movement are committed to work with it to achieve that goal. Others are, of course, more than welcome to join us in that task. There is much to do.