The real Christmas story is about ending economic oppression

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I will not, unlike some, stop blogging over the holiday period. To ask me to stop writing is akin to asking me to stop breathing. I just do it. And I do not consider it work, which I do intend to stop doing for at least a week, as from today.

But, being aware that I tend to have more traffic in the week than at weekends and over holiday periods let me offer any reader who happens to note this post a very happy Christmas. 

I am all too aware of the hope implicit in that statement. I know too well that this does not always happen for everyone. But that is one reason why I write, and it's what my work has been about for a long time.

The message of Christmas was, and is, revolutionary. It was about freedom from debt and good news for the poor. 

Ignore all the trappings if you wish. I tend to do so. Certainly ignore all the oppression humans have used Christianity to deliver. Instead go and read the real thing (and reading the Bible won't make you a convert, and I am certainly not seeking anything of the sort) and what you see is that the real story that a chap whose name was Jesus (who I think probably did exist and who probably did teach at pretty much the time scholars suggest likely) was actually delivering was about emancipation from the yoke of economic oppression. 

The depressing part is that this oppression continues.

The good news is that, despite all attempts to clamp down on those who question it, some are still willing to do so.

They don't always succeed.

But the practical expression of hope at Christmas is that we have to keep trying.

Sermon over. 

Have a good one. 

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