Clive Lewis: a red-green running for Labour leadership

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Clive Lewis announced his bid to lead the Labour Party yesterday, and I admit to two things. The first was knowing he was going to do so. The second is pleasure that he is.

Clive is a member of the Green New Deal Group. He gets what is required. And he has risked the wrath of existing leadership to stick his neck out for it.

Clive had also been willing to work across party lines. Hallelujah!

And he is talking real reform, including PR.

I know he's not a woman, but the whole 'the next leader of the Labour Party has to be a woman' claim is deeply patronising to all the woman standing in any case, as if they could not make it without such bias, which is ridiculous (as many left of centre women tell me).

Clive brings a distinct policy difference to the leadership campaign that is welcome, in my opinion.

I will not be voting, of course. I am not a Labour Party member. But it's good to have a red-green in the field.

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