Emily Thornberry has this right…..

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I have to admit that, to my surprise, I find Emily Thornberry entirely on a wavelength with me. This comes from the Guardian:

The question now is: how do we fight back from here? The answer is certainly not to have some great ideological debate between left, right and centre. Neither is it to set this up as a battle between leave and remain, north and south, or indeed men and women. When did we stop being for the many, not just half of us?

It won't earn raucous cheers at a rally, but our starting point should instead be to ask ourselves: where is the strategic thinking in our party? Who has a proper plan for the future?

Say what you like about New Labour after 1994, and it's known that I disagree with much of what it did, but credit where credit's due: that team had deep political insight and absolute clarity of purpose, boiled down to a five-point pledge-card. It would never have voted to give Johnson the Brexit election he craved.

Spot on.

Those are the questions I have also been asking here over the last few days.

And they are the issues that need to be addressed.

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