Amongst the many things Labour has to embrace is electoral reform

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I share this post by Peter May on Progressive Pulse:

These statistics are from the Electoral Reform Society for the recent general election.

I wonder if all those youthful Labour campaigners would like to know that, for all their effort, they got a third less MPs than they would have done if they were Conservatives — and half as many as the SNP.

But pity the LibDems — and especially the Greens…

The system doesn't work as we are told democracies ought to! Change to the electoral system is surely unarguable and would, I suggest, be an easy sell for fairness in the next Labour manifesto. The LibDems were always in favour of change to the electoral system but seem to have been blown off course by the failed referendum during the coalition. The Greens are already in favour. In my view Labour really ought to be embracing electoral reform now — in readiness.

The only reasons against are by definition less or even un-democratic.

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