Sure as heck it hurts

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This morning will not have the dawn I was hoping for. I admit it. I tweeted last night that I had never been so fearful of an election result. I sensed what was coming. And it duly arrived. A Johnson government was always going to be possible. And now we have one, with a significant majority.

Of course I am worried. We have a prime minister who lies, willingly and persistently and without apparently being aware of the consequences. He is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic isolationist. He has not the slightest inkling to be green. One of the very few things Jo Swinson got right during her own disastrous election campaign was to suggest that he had suffered an empathy bypass. If that is not enough reason to be worried, note that some of the few actual commitments in his manifesto are all intended to make it harder to oppose his government and to entrench it in power. Democracy is at threat. 

And let's not beat about the bush. People have voted to make themselves worse off. And they have chosen to elect a government intent on harming the public services with which they are already unhappy. Whilst the most vulnerable in society will be more vulnerable. And three million EU citizens will become the ‘other' that all of fascist inclination require to create the division that underpins their approach to society. 

I make these points for a reason. Before any political analysis of which party won or lost these things have to be said because they are what really matters.

And what matters to me is that people will suffer as a result of last night. And that hurts a very great deal. That and the integrity of our national well-being have mattered to me since I first became concerned about politics almost fifty years ago. Parties have always matters much less. It's the issues that are the priority. And last night my concern for decent, compassionate, caring politics that seeks to build an inclusive society open for all to participate in was trashed by the British electorate.

I will get to party discussion. But this is what really matters.

And alongside it so too do matters like the Green New Deal, tax justice and transparency. They too will suffer badly as a result of last night.

Sure as heck it hurts. I won't be dishonest. This is most definitely not the future I wanted. 

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