When will the Tories launch their new free to air state propaganda service?

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The Tory plans to control the media are progressing. The latest is this, from The Times:

The BBC licence fee could be scrapped and replaced with a pay-to-watch subscription model under a Conservative government, Boris Johnson has said.

Speaking at a campaign rally the prime minister questioned whether the present funding model “still makes sense” in a digital world.

Channel 4 has already been threatened, of course. Now the BBC is under threat. How long can it be before ITV is in the firing line because it was an ITV journalist who had his phone taken by the Prime Minister yesterday?

What's the consistent theme? It's a man who wants, and thinks he will be, prime minister threatening the media to deliver a message that he wants by making a threat that they will have their licence to operate removed if they do not comply.

This is, of course, consistent with fascist behaviour, from the threats, to the denial of the right to free speech, to the intention to actually deny it.

But don't worry. I am sure that Johnson will manage to fund a free to air state propaganda service without difficulty to replace these rather annoying broadcasters who will not obey orders.

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