This morning the required thought is ABC: Anything But Conservative

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Sunday mornings are for clearing the head. I am not implying I have a hangover. In my case this simply means a slower than normal start to the day, and the chance to think bigger pictures. 

This morning, however, only one picture comes to mind. That is the ghastly image of a smiling Boris Johnson outside No. 10 on Friday, returning to power for a period of five years.

I hardly need rehearse the list of obvious consequences. A disastrous Brexit. Disaster for public services. Climate change being ignored. Increasing poverty and inequality. The list is too well known, and too certain. At the same time, it is apparent that many will vote for it. The self-destruct button is, apparently, now hard wired into large elements of the British population.

But, and this has to be said, time and again, not a majority of people in this country. If Johnson forms a government it will have been elected by a minority, even in England.

The clear headed message this morning is then the same as the one I had at the start of the election campaign. It is to vote ABC. That is, Anything But Conservative. 

This may well involve voting for a choice you consider sub-optimal, and that presumes you think there are good ones available somewhere. But that will be a necessity.

The Conservatives have been seeking to destroy the foundations of our society for forty years. Justice, common interest, respect and opportunity are all concepts  utterly alien to them.  This time they intend to end them, for good if they can. And that's why blocking them is vital.

This morning the required thought is ABC: Anything But Conservative.

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