The Fair Tax Mark

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I was the original creator of the idea of the Fair Tax Mark and co-creator of the Mark that we actually have. Since its inception I have been an unpaid director.

Over a number of years we have been asked to consider the development of an international version of the Fair Tax Mark and have not done so. Now the Fair Tax Mark has secured funding to do so and I have been contracted to work on this project, based on my previous experience with country-by-country reporting in the tax justice, OECD and GRI forms as well as with other indicators such as the Financial Secrecy Index, tax spillover framework, and other issues.

As a result I have resigned from the Board, this being appropriate so that others can supervise the arrangements with me.

I do, of course, continue to support the Fair Tax Mark but no longer represent it in any formal way, and act as an adviser to it instead.