The first day of the rest of my career

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This is the first day of the year easy of my career. I say that because I ceased being a full time academic yesterday. As of today I am one day a week at City, University of London, and that will probably cease there altogether next summer.

I am not without other income. I am discussing research and consulting projects with several parties, some of which look likely to proceed.

A relationship with Anglia Ruskin has begun. I am in discussion with another university. 

I have grant applications in alongside the University if Sheffield and Copenhagen Business School, and we are discussing more.

There are interesting openings available for tax spillover work that are being pursued.

So what I am doing is going back to the way of working I enjoyed from 2005 to 2015. And I admit I am looking forward to that. Being a full time academic had its plus sides, but the rigidity of the expectation, and the lack of willingness on the part of academia to consider anything that looks like innovation, was deeply frustrating. I have delivered against expectation whilst working with Horizon 2020 funding at City, but I admit to being pleased to have greater control of the expectation again. 

I might take a slow, in work terms, weekend to mark the transition. But the new feels like it might be quite good.