Information needed: just what was in the £23.9bn that HMRC claimed it had collected?

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I wrote last week about how inappropriate I thought HMRC's claims with regard to £23.9bn of extra tax collected by it as a result of compliance activities really were.

Because of my concerns I have now submitted the following Freedom of Information request to them on this issue. I will await their response with interest:

In relation to your May 2014 Bulletin entitled 'Fast Facts: Record Revenues for the UK' I have noted FoI request FOI 3059/13. I have also noted the definition of ‘revenue protected’ on page 11 of  HMRC’s accounts for 2011/12.  I should be grateful if you would provide:

1) An analysis of the £23.9bn of additional tax revenue ("the £23.9bn") by customer segment.  If such a breakdown cannot be provided, please provide an analysis by the HMRC directorate and, where appropriate, sub-directorate.

2) An analysis of the £23.9bn by the type of customer behaviour to which it relates.  Within each behavioural category, please also indicate the amount of revenue that resulted from each of: out of court/pre-litigation settlements; lead litigation cases; litigation follower cases; other.

3) An analysis of the revenue protected included in the £23.9 billion by category as noted in the 2011/12 accounts i.e. split between seizing illicit goods, preventing erroneous payments, deterring future non-compliance, addressing avoidance loopholes, and any other categories used by you for this purpose.

4) An analysis of the revenue protected using the categories noted in FoI 3059/13 i.e. revenue loss prevention, future revenue benefit and  product & process revenue.

5) Confirmation of whether the £23.9bn includes the estimated revenue impact of changes to tax law.

6) Confirmation of whether the estimated impact of any or all of the 42 changes to tax law referred to on page 3 of the bulletin was included in the £23.9bn.

7) HMRC's estimate of the revenue impact of the 42 changes of tax law referred to on page 3 of the bulletin along with, if different, the amount of this that was included in the £23.9bn.

8) The amount of the £23.9bn that relates to schemes disclosed under the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) regime.