You don’t beat corporate tax abuse by a little voluntary disclosure in CSR reports David Cameron

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In a further sign that all the rhetoric on tax fraud and the need to tackle it is just just rhetoric without a plan for substantial change David Cameron has, according to the FT urged European leaders to:

 debate about whether companies should be encouraged to report the taxes they pay in the countries in which they operate “on a voluntary basis”.

Oh come on Cameron: country-by-country reporting was not and never will be a woolly CSR issue where a little voluntary disclosure of where lots of tax is paid without any detail of where profit is earned and with all those places where no tax is settled - that is, the tax havens we're most interested in - ignored on the basis that they're "immaterial".

Get real man.

And if you're not serious about tax fraud, tax evasion and corporate tax avoidance stop pretending that you are.