Deloitte want ‘more of the same’ from the budget

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The Observer has one of those inevitable 'what do you want from the budget?' articles this morning in which the opinion of a Deloitte partner is telling. This is what he had to say:

What do we want to see [in the budget]? The answer is more of the same. There has been some very good policy that has come out in terms of simplifying our tax system. Any government, of whatever political persuasion, has to decide whether they want to encourage international companies to come to the markets.

"We've got a very strong services sector economy in the UK generally, specifically in London, which relies upon the vibrancy of those markets. If you take that away, whatever hue of government you tend to be, you're in danger of losing jobs, which no politician likes to see."

It looks like he's enjoying pay back time on seconding all those staff to assist HM Treasury formulate policy - in the best interests of Deloitte.

The corporate capture of policy making could not be more neatly summarised.