Thursday evening at the Oasis Centre, London – discussing charities and tax

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I'm speaking at the Oasis Centre, just the other side of the river from Westminster, on Thursday evening at 7pm in a debate on charities and tax. I'm debating with John Low CBE, CEO of the Charities Aid Foundation.

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Charity%20tax%20debateAs the Oasis centre says:

Charities, philanthropists and even coalition politicians have united to condemn George Osborne’s budget proposals to limit the amount of money that higher rate tax payers can donate to charity, offset against their tax bill. They warn that the Chancellor’s plans are dispiriting, make no sense and will massively harm charities. The ‘Give it back George’ campaign is already backed by thousands of charities.

In response Downing Street have announced that there will now be a formal consultation into the matter, taking place across the summer. But, at the same time, George Osborne and his treasury ministers are defending their controversial plans and making it clear that there are "very good reasons" for the cap on which there can be compromise but no U-turn.

But charities warn damage is already being done and large donations are being put at risk because donors are feeling demoralised and disheartened at a policy which brands them as tax dodgers.

Together, we have an early opportunity to inform the process as we debate, discuss and analyse the proposed legislation.

So, come with your opinions and suggestions around a formal response to the proposed legislation and take your seat at The Oasis People’s Parliament with a keynote speech from John Low CBE, key player in the ‘Give it Back George’ Campaign and CEO of the Charities Aid Foundation. Response from Richard Murphy, Director of Tax Research UK, as well as contributions from other charity leaders and government representatives.

Chaired by Steve Chalke, Founder & CEO of Oasis.