ConDems – deliberately creating child poverty

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As the Guardian notes:

The government's radical programme to slash spending will see the first rise in absolute child poverty for 15 years, with almost 200,000 children pushed into penury, according to an analysis by the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Tax changes introduced by the coalition government will, the leading independent fiscal thinktank finds, increase absolute poverty by 200,000 children and 200,000 working-age adults in 2012-13.

Cuts to housing benefit alone will force a further 100,000 children into poverty.

This is deliberate.

It is deliberate because there is a choice on this issue.

There is a choice available to close the tax gap. That could raise at least £20 billion a year.

There is a choice available that could redirect £20 billion of pension fund cash into new jobs in the UK economy, helping prevent the curse of unemployment.

There is a choice to start a Green New Deal available and on the table — a real industrial strategy for the UK. And it could be funded from Green Quantitative Easing.

In other words, this poverty is not inevitable.

The alternative is available.

Which means it is deliberate.

The ConDems should not be forgiven for making the wrong choice.

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