The LVCR scandal goes on…and school sports suffer

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As the Guardian notes:

From the air, the tiny circle of Guernsey sparkles from scores of greenhouses dotted in a quilt of small fields. Close up, the greenhouses lie derelict and trees rampage through their dilapidated timber frames. As these monuments to the island's tomato-growing industry – which collapsed in the 1970s – fall into disrepair, they are being replaced by the gleaming metal skeletons of new warehouses. Like the wealthy people who live tax-free lives on Guernsey, these warehouses are exceedingly discreet. HMV's depot is tucked down a tiny, unsignposted track. Moonpig's headquarters is not signposted from the main road. These shadowy buildings are an almost invisible tip of a new industrial boom on the Channel Islands: the euphemistically named "offshore fulfilment" industry.

Yes, you’ve heard it before.

But without doubt there's enough tax lost here to pay for school sport in the UK.

Another wrong choice by the Tories.