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Tax protestors did a great job in the UK at the weekend. But they weren’t alone. Protests also took place in Jersey, where as the JEP reports:

AROUND 100 Islanders braved the downpour on Saturday for an hour-long anti-GST rally in the Royal Square

Speakers included former Senator Ted Vibert, former Rector of Trinity Tony Keogh, and Deputy Geoff Southern, who announced that an umbrella organisation, Reform Jersey, would be backing new political candidates in the election in October. Television and radio presenter and political commentator Mark Thomas also attended and used the event to criticise Jersey’s ‘tax haven status’.

It looked like it was horrible on the day — and yet people saw it out. Videos of the speeches are here. I select one because Pat Lucas is a hero of mine — and she’ll be embarrassed for me saying so. Worse — I haven’t yet heard what she said as my connection speed in the US tonight is dire, but what the heck, here she is:

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