Polly on tax protests

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Polly Toynbee was at the tax justice protests in Oxford street on Saturday. Good for her!

As she said in the Guardian today:

These brilliant protests on tax-dodging can unite us all

Everyone has an interest when billionaires keep money that should pay for the universities and Sure Starts now being savaged.

She is right. And as she concludes:

Most people who ever voted Labour or Lib Dem are likely to support a crackdown: there is nothing scarily leftwing about fair tax collection. It is the price for a civilised society.

Tuition fees, school sports, individual hospital campaigns (even a Tory campaign in my home town to keep the RAF base open) all have their support base. But concerted anger to effect change needs a bigger over-arching narrative. Tax justice and the tax gap provides it.

This could roll.

PS I’m aware the right wing blogosphere is sacred witless as a result because they’re seeking to brand me, Polly and the Guardian as hypocrites on tax today. But how would they know? Without any understanding of the issues, how they have developed, how language has changed over time or context – all of which they’d ignore even if they could understand it – they fall back on the only thing they know – ad hominem attacks and abuse. In which case they deserve to be scared witless – because that’s not going to stick with anyone. And I’m certainly not wasting time debating it, again.