Anger about tax dodging is right

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From today’s Guardian:

Today activists from across the UK will take action against Arcadia groupshops, accusing Arcadia boss Philip Green of tax avoidance (Report, 30 November). This anger about tax-dodging is quite right – it robs developing countries of £250bn a year, preventing development and leading those countries to dangerous dependency on international debt. The UK loses £120bn a year from tax-dodging – income that could be used to plug the hole that the government claims is driving its agenda of harsh cuts. Over 30 years, ordinary people across the developing world have paid the price, in poverty and inequality, for a reckless financial sector. We need to take control of this financial system, and make it work for people and planet. Clamping down on tax avoidance is a vital part of doing so.

Nick Dearden Jubilee Debt Campaign

John Christensen Tax Justice Network

Deborah Doane World Development Movement

For details of the £120 bn see here.

I’m delighted to have provided the underpinning research for this protest.

A narrative is developing. And it is very welcome.