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As the Guardian reports:

Prince Andrew launched a scathing attack on British anticorruption investigators, journalists and the French during an "astonishingly candid" performance at an official engagement that shocked a US diplomat.

Tatiana Gfoeller, Washington's ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, recorded in a secret cable that Andrew spoke "cockily" at the brunch with British and Canadian business people, leading a discussion that "verged on the rude".

During the two-hour engagement in 2008 at a hotel in the capital, Bishkek, Andrew, who travels the globe as a special UK trade representative, attacked Britain's corruption investigators in the Serious Fraud Office for what he called "idiocy".

He went on to denounce Guardian reporters investigating bribery as "those (expletive) journalists … who poke their noses everywhere".

He’s a diplomat who has broken the rules of diplomacy.

Sack him.

And bar him from further payment from the civil list.

In a time of austerity we have no reason to support liabilities.

The man is clearly without any ethics at all. There is no place for people like him representing the UK. It’s not our job to promote corruption — and that’s what he’s doing.

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