The ConDems and tax: we’re open to do a deal

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David Gauke said on Tuesday:

Now agreeing the ‘right amount of tax at the right time’ is a key aspect of HMRC’s work. We all want to minimise the scope for disputes wherever possible. But realistically, there will always be questions over what is the ‘right amount of tax’.

These disputes can be very expensive — lasting several years and generating eye-watering legal fees. As well as being unproductive, these costs fall on both sides of the table. This means that we have a double interest in reducing them. Not just to cut HMRC’s costs, but to reduce the costs incurred by the taxpayer, as well as the costs to business.

So while, as a Minister, I don’t know the details of individual cases, I was pleased to see HMRC recently achieve the largest cash settlement in the department’s history.

This has bought in extra revenue that has sat in financial purgatory for numerous years, and shows the department and business working to resolve long-outstanding issues.

That’s why — rather than join a bandwagon with those who would question HMRC’s direction of travel in this area — I want to see HMRC build on the way it manages relationships with large businesses.

That’s all right then. Writing off about £4.8 billion of tax due is just hunky dory - and if anyone else of similar size want to come along and ask for a bi discount deal Gauke’s only too happy to settle.

I wonder what rate he’ll give me now on my January tax bill? Not one penny I suspect.

What did Leona Helmsley say? Was it:

"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes...,"

No‚Ķthat was David Gauke I now realsie. And I sincerely hope he’s held to account for it sometime soon, just as she was:

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The charge against Gauke. Try treason - the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of betrayal of one's sovereign or nation.

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