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UBS Client Rubinstein Pleads Guilty Over Tax Return (Update2) -

A Florida millionaire pleaded guilty to filing a false tax return that failed to disclose secret accounts he held at UBS AG, the largest Swiss bank by assets.

Steven Michael Rubinstein, 55, of Boca Raton, was the first U.S. taxpayer charged after UBS gave more than 250 customer names to the Internal Revenue Service .

UBS handed over account data on Rubinstein, a chartered accountant who has worked since 1994 at an international yacht company. He is cooperating with a U.S. probe of scores of U.S. taxpayers. He pleaded guilty to filing a false return in 2004 and admitted failing to disclose UBS accounts from 2001 to 2007.

I added the emphasis without surprise that it is a member of my profession who has been found guilty of this.

Now, will he expelled from his professionla institute pronto? Don't count on it.

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