More evidence that the Green New Deal could deliver jobs and carbon reduction

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From Friends of the Earth:

At least 70,000 jobs could be created across England and Wales if councils slashed climate-changing emissions by insulating homes and businesses and fitting green energy to buildings, according to independent research released by Friends of the Earth today (Thursday 25 June 2009).

The research - by leading advisors to councils on climate change Carbon Descent - was published to launch a new nationwide campaign calling for local councils take urgent action to cut CO2  emissions.

Friends of the Earth's new campaign - Get Serious About CO2 - turns the spotlight on the big part local councils need to play in cutting the UK's carbon emissions. The campaign is calling on councils to commit to cutting carbon dioxide emissions in their local area by at least 40 per cent by 2020 and produce an action plan detailing how they will make the cuts.

The new research analyses the manpower required to insulate homes and businesses and install green energy on buildings - two of the key ways in which councils could achieve a reduction in their emissions of at least 40 per cent by 2020.

New jobs could be available as loft laggers, architects, plumbers, builders, electricians, plasterers and insulation specialists - with new admin, transit and warehouse positions also created to support the installation of insulation and renewable energy.

We can bail out bankers but not save the planet. What sort of decision making is that?

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