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Many will know I’m a big fan of management writer Simon Caulkin who had a column in the Observer for the last sixteen years. Until Sunday that was. Now it’s gone. Some of us have written a letter asking that Simon be reinstated:

It is with surprise and disappointment that we learn that this week’s column by your management editor, Simon Caulkin, is to be his last.

Over the years, Caulkin’s unique and penetrating analysis has been required reading. Writing with wit and clarity, he has opened up his subject to non-specialist audiences, and offered a powerful challenge to dominant orthodoxies - before as well as after the crash. It seems particularly perverse that his final column coincides with an Observer leader stating “The City mustn’t slip back to its bad old ways”, for he is one of the voices offering an alternative vision.

This cost-cutting measure may become a revenue-cutting measure. Simon Caulkin is one of the reasons we read the Observer, and we are sure his presence has helped give the Observer’s business section a resonance and influence that stretches beyond the usual readers of business pages. Please bring back his column.

Clifford Singer, Director, The Other TaxPayers’ Alliance
Hilary Wainwright, Editor, Red Pepper; Director, New Politics Programme, Transnational Institute
Adam Lent, Head of Economic and Social Affairs, TUC
Dr Su Maddock, Director, The Whitehall Innovation Hub
Andrew Simms, Policy Director, New Economics Foundation
Neal Lawson, Chair, Compass
Ruth Lister, Professor of Social Policy, Loughborough University
Richard Murphy, Director, Tax Research LLP
Jonathan Rutherford, Editor, Soundings; Professor of Cultural Studies, Middlesex University
Billy Hayes, General Secretary, CWU
Tom Powdrill, Editor, Labour and Capital Blog

Coordination is via The Other Taxpayer’s Alliance.

We need thinkers like Simon Caulkin.

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