Another reason for keeping the City on the hook

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I note Brendan Barber said at the weekend:

Of course we should welcome any green shoots, but a few statistics that may or may not turn out to be blips, do not make for a recovery.

With unemployment set to grow for months to come - not just in the UK but across many of the world's economies - it does not look like much of a recovery to the millions who fear for their jobs.

While of course statisticians must do their job, I see a hidden agenda in much talk of recovery. If the economy is on the mend they argue, then we can go back to business as usual.

There is no need for further action on jobs, no need for proper regulation, no need to crack down on the tax havens.

The neoliberal model is not bust, and we don't need to build another kind of economy.

Thankfully there are those willing to say this.

And I’m delighted to see Brendan bringing in the issue of tax havens. The coalition of opposition to their deliberate role in redistributing wealth from the poor to the richest in our society (which is their political purpose) is vital.

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