Osborne – blatantly untrue

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I heard George Osborne on the Today programme this morning blatantly denying the truth.

He claimed the Tory’s new partners in Europe were ‘mainstream centre right parties’.

No they’re not. The Tories have just left the mainstream centre right grouping so that quite obviously cannot be true.

As the BBC has persistently reported, based on comments those new partners of the Tories make, they are homophobic, climate-change denying, anti-semitic groups who are far to the right of the centre right grouping which the Tories have just left.

I hate people who persistently misrepresent the truth. George Osborne included. He’s hiding the Tories move to far-right. Next we’ll find the Tories and UKIP in the same Euro group. And after that, who knows?

It’s a very worrying prospect.

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