The Blairite-Brownite vendetta is destroying Labour

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Michael Meacher - Labour's Future: The Blairite-Brownite vendetta is destroying Labour.

The tragedy for the country is that half or more of the electorate is now disenfranchised, with no political party likely to gain power which represents them. New Labour and Toryism are effectively two sides of a single coin. The only hope is that if Labour does, as the polls suggest, crash to unprecedented defeat this weekend, it may finally compel a realignment of forces within the Labour Party, allowing at last a modern progressive voice of Labour to re-emerge which is neither Old Labour nor New Labour, but an advocate for a new economic order replacing the neo-liberal finance capitalism that has imploded while at the same time championing the social justice and environmental aspirations which have been so damagingly suppressed.

Step one is enough Labour MPs saying so.

Looks like Michael Meacher is one of them.

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