Where on earth in the Sunday Times

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The new report by the Tax Justice Network, mentioned here yesterday was in the Sunday Times today. They noted:

This weekend a new study reveals that Barclays appears to be the UK’s largest user of tax havens. Where on Earth Are You?, a study by the Tax Justice Network, investigated 33 of the biggest companies in Britain to find out how many subsidiaries they have based in tax havens. Barclays topped the list with 315.

Richard Murphy, primary author of the study, said: “I thought the biggest user of tax havens would be someone like BP or Shell, which have operations all over the place. But it isn’t: Barclays has more tax haven subsidiaries than anyone else. This is the first time we have had this information. The Barclays story is going to travel further. I think it is much more explosive than anyone has said.”

I think that true.

I’ll be returning to that theme soon, I hope.