The Scottish Campaign for Fiscal Responsibility is a right wing front for tax cuts

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The Scottish Campaign for Fiscal Responsibility is a new organisation, launched this month. It says of itself that it:

is an independent, non-party political coalition

As far as it goes  that may be true. But in The Scotsman this morning it was arguing for tax competition.

And on its web site it argues for greater fiscal freedom for Scotland as if this would somehow get round the EU requirements on a cut in the grant from Westminster - which it would not.

Typically for such an organisation, no indication of its funding is provided on its web site.

So this seems to be like so many so called think tanks not about thinking at all, but all about promoting the neoliberal mantra that tax competition is good.

It's left Ireland bust.

It brought the world to crisis in 2008.

The Crown Dependencies are heading for bankruptcy.

But still they argue for this policy of destruction.

I sincerely hope the people of Scotland take note and ignore this siren call.

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