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I have published this video this morning. In it, I note that it's now three months since we re-launched our video channels, just in time for the general election. That means it's time to ask what you really want of these videos now political times return to something more normal. Please let us know.

The transcript is:

What do you want these videos to do? It's a question I want to ask now because we relaunched our videos in April this year and Rishi Sunak certainly did us a favour by calling an election campaign. Traffic has increased considerably, and I thank you for that.

But the point is that three months into this exercise we're discovering things that we didn't know.

First of all, we thought we needed shorts, and we've discovered that short videos are not nearly as popular as longer ones.

Second, we thought that we needed to make videos of less than five minutes, and now we've discovered that sometimes people like longer ones if the topic is relevant. In fact, one of the videos that has been watched most of all is one of nearly nine minutes.

And "What do you want?” is, therefore, the question that I'm asking, and we will read the comments that are going to be posted in response to this video to see what you say.

The reason why is they will influence what we will now produce.

It's much easier to produce a video of three minutes, by the way, than it is to produce a video of one minute. By and large, a one-minute video takes us up to five takes because I have a habit of producing videos that are about one minute and seven seconds long, and that's hard to correct. A three-minute video is much easier to get right in terms of the balance of content. So, would it be better to produce one or two three-minute videos a day rather than one long and one short?

Would it be better to produce just one a day?

Will you be happy with a video of up to nine minutes occasionally?

And what are the topics? We've obviously been focusing very heavily on issues around current politics in the UK over the recent weeks because, well, there's been a general election campaign. Why wouldn't we?

But, now that that is over and we're into the whole summer period when politics will go a little quieter anyway, should we be talking about more general issues about economics and politics and the way in which tax and money work and things like that? Is that what you'd like of this channel?

I don't know the answers to these questions and so we're genuinely curious to hear from you. Leave your comments down below, we will have a look and we'll decide where we're going from here.

Thanks a lot.

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