What are the issues I need to be writing about?

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It’s summer. The economy is collapsing. Covid is still rampant. The climate crisis is developing rapidly. Democracy is in peril, but what the heck? It’s as if the media, Opposition, and world at large no longer want to talk about such things. We have a few weeks of the silly season ahead of us.

So, I have asked how to use this summer’s blogging time. It seems that in response to the fairly successful threads I have been doing on money there are dimensions to this that people think need development.

Particular themes that seem to be requested include:

  • The limits to money creation
  • Money creation and inflation
  • What types of inflation can be controlled
  • Tax and controlling inflation
  • Money creation and full employment
  • Money creation and the exchange rate
  • Who owns the national debt
  • What would happen if the national debt was repaid
  • Why we might need a national debt
  • Money creation, saving, debt and taxation
  • The multiplier
  • Why interest is not an issue of concern
  • Why QE need not be unwound - and won’t be

I suspect there are more themes, and some of these obviously overlap, but I am keen to know what the questions are. I have time to dedicate to these issues, and it would be good to know what people want.

Might you let me know? There are no promises as to when these things might be done - writing a thread takes a lot of thinking before my fingers ever hit a keyboard - but I want to plan this now. So, if you have a request, lob it in.

And remember, non-money themes are possible. Tax, the Green New Deal, accounting and other issues are all possible too.