Money for nothing and my Tweets for free

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'Money for nothing and my Tweets for free' is my new ebook.

The book can be downloaded from here. There is deliberately no charge as all costs have been covered by those donating to this blog.

There are three other reasons why there is no charge. First, much of the context in the book has already been published. The book deliberately brings together Twitter threads that I posted between November 2020 and March 2021 on themes around economics, quantitative easing, modern monetary theory, the Green New Deal and tax justice.

Second, although already published separately  I felt there was good reason to pull this collection together because many of the Twitter threads which underpin much of it have proved to be so popular.  One has now reached more than 1.75 million people and been interacted with more than 130,000 times. To show that there was a theme and continuum to the thinking between each of the threads seemed to be of value.

Third, I want the book to reach as many people as possible. Some have said that the content is 'mind-blowing', simply because it demands that we reverse much of our order of thinking about the way the government, and its finances work. Others have seen in what I have suggested answers to issues that have long perplexed them. And I hope teachers might use this to provoke debate, whether in classrooms or in more general debate.

Comment is welcome. And please feel free to spread the book far and wide. That's precisely what it is for.

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