A historical fighter against tax evasion

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I have been called many things in my time, but this one was new, in Ouest-France yesterday:

l’économiste britannique Richard Murphy, combattant historique de l’évasion fiscale

How do I feel about being 'a historical fighter against tax evasion'? I didn't know I was that old.

But in a campaigning world where it seems that very few know how to do almost anything without asking the consent of a focus group then I am happy to be described as such.

The idea that a focus group might have good ideas when no one has had the courage to put them out there first of all is absurd.

The world is not changed by asking for consent. It is always changed by those who refuse to give their consent to what the consensus might be.

I do not give my consent to tax abuse.

Nor do I accept the inequality that the world now witnesses.

And the apparent poverty of thinking in the face of the challenges the world faces profoundly worries me.

If that makes me a combattant, historique or otherwise, so be it.