How are you going to pay for it? My video giving the answer to the most crippling question in modern politics

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The 'killer' question that any journalists thinks that they can ask a politician who is proposing any new initiative is 'how are you going to pay for it?' The assumption is that government lives in a zero-sum and financially constrained world where if they are to propose some new action then something else has to be foregone to pay for it, or a specific new tax has to be found to fund the project.

The trouble is that most politicians share the journalists view: they also think that they are constrained.

We end up in a world of impoverished ideas, and impoverished people.

But this constraint rarely exists. The video explains why. We can pay for things, simply by doing them. Creating wealth pays for itself.

And on the subject of videos, because the channel is growing quite quickly YouTube has now let it embed links and have subtitling applied so these features are going to be added very soon.

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