Are companies paying enough corporation tax?

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I have argued that there is ample scope to increase the tax paid by those with wealth in the UK. A whole part of the Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) series is based upon that logic. But within the whole Tax After Coronavirus (TACs)  theme that we do not need more taxes at present, overall, but that we do need better ones, is there scope to increase other taxes as well, so that redistribution to those who need more income now, is easier to do? The answer would appear to be that corporation tax also falls into this category.

Is there room for more corporation tax when wages comprise a bit over 60% of GDP and profits a smaller part at around 8% in the USA, but disproportionately the rates of tax on them is widely different, with labour bearing a far larger part, as is apparent.

The reasonable question to ask is why is that? And is that fair?

It would seem that the race to the bottom in corporation tax has resulted in a  fundamental shift in tax burdens from companies onto individuals. Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) has to tackle this issue.