Will this time be different?

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I was fascinated by this data sent to me by the Institute of Employment Rights:

New research this week revealed that only 6% of people in the UK want the economy to continue as it was before the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

A poll by YouGov revealed that nearly one in three people — 31% — are in favour of major changes to economic policy, while 28% backed moderate changes.

Almost half — 49% — of respondents felt that the pandemic had deepened existing inequalities, and 44% were pessimistic about the country's economic future.

I am bemused by those who are not pessimistic about the country's economic future right now. But let's leave that aside. The really interesting figure is that 31% are interested in major change to economic policy and 28% think there is a case for some reform.

Of course, this is a poll. And of course, these things tend to confirm biases in questions. I know all that. But some people clearly disagreed. So the option of doing so was very obviously present, and some people took it.

In that case, I think this is indicative of a desire to do things better: to find a new normal. I hope so because what we have been doing is so horribly wrong. Will this time be different?

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