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I mentioned yesterday that I am launching a YouTube channel, with the active assistance of Mark Cooney of SpottedinEly. This is the introductory video:

The channel will cover four main themes:

  • Economics
  • Tax
  • The Green New Deal
  • Accounting

Within those there is ample room to develop a whole host of material.

The aim is to be educational.

There will be politics, because all of those issues are intensely political.

That said, party political comment will be avoided. There's also no plan to do day-to-day reaction to events . That will be staying here.

Next week there will be an introductory video to each of the main themes. Then I will be launching out into more detailed topics.

I am, of course, open to suggestions as to topics. Those that are likely early on are:

  • Modern monetary theory
  • Tax after coronavirus
  • Funding the Green New Deal as a way to beat the coronavirus crisis
  • Sustainable cost accounting.

That said, if there is demand for it I may also do some introductory material on each issue as well. These will have the aim of setting out why these issues are important by looking at their real significance within society. This fits with the idea that what the whole series is going to be about is finding the new normal.

And there may also be a Scottish theme develop, since I will be working on some Scottish related issues this summer.

The aim is that no video should be more than about 4 minutes. That improves accessibility. This will require a little judgement as I will be making them all unscripted: I find it easier that way. As a result the videos will not always be perfect deliveries to camera: that I can live with. I am keener to create content than absolute perfection.

If you like the idea please subscribe to the channel. We can't even name it until we get 100 subscribers. And please do provide feed back, comments and requests. I will be noting all reasonable ones.

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